Image of Broccoflower (Green Cauliflower)

Scientific Binomial Name: Brassica oleracea


Cooking, soups, dips and salads. Use just as you do regular cauliflower.


Good-quality broccoflower will have yellowish green or pale green heads that are firm with no space between the curds.

The leaves should be fresh and green. There is no quality difference between large and small heads.


Avoid broccoflower that is soft, has brown coloring or that has small dark spots on the curds.


Always store lettuce, cabbage, etc in the refrigerator.

To prolong storage life, cut the stem end and soak in warm water for 2-3 minutes before storing in your refrigerator.


In general, vegetables will not ripen further after harvest.

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  • This vegetable is more cauliflower than broccoli. Green cauliflower is a genetic cross that combines the physical features of cauliflower with the chlorophyll of broccoli

    Cauliflower is a member of the cabbage group in the mustard family of plants.

    Mark Twain described cauliflower as, "cabbage with a college education."

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