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Fish, salad, cooking, juices, baking, desserts and beverages.

Excellent for juicing. The Meyer lemon is especially prized in this area.


Good-quality lemons will be firm, smooth-skinned and heavy for their size.

Medium to large-sized lemons are generally better than small fruit.


Avoid product that is soft, spongy, wrinkled or has bumpy, rough or hard skin.

Coarse, thick-skinned and light lemons will tend to have less juice.


In general, you don't need to refrigerate citrus if it will be consumed quickly, but it will last longer when refrigerated. Once they reach your preferred level of sweetness, place remaining fruit in the refrigerator to extend the shelf life.


As a general rule, citrus will not ripen further after picking. Higher brix (sugar) levels are gained by leaving the fruit on the tree longer, so early season fruit tends to be a bit tart while late season product can be prone to molding due to the highe

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  • To get the most juice from a lemon, first bring the fruit to room temperature and roll on a hard surface while pressing down on the lemon - or - Microwave for 30 seconds to increase juice content.

    Use lemon juice on apples and avocados to prevent browning after they are sliced.

    Lemon juice can remove odors from hands, pots and pans by rubbing with a cut lemon just before washing. Also, run used lemon peels through your garbage disposal to keep it smelling fresh.

    The word lemon is believed to have been derived from Asian language words meaning, "sour" or "sour fruit."

    By the year 1299, the Mongolians had invented lemonade. The Crusades transplanted lemons to Europe, and Columbus is credited with bringing them to the Western Hemisphere on his second voyage.

    Wild lemon groves became commonplace in Florida until wiped out by a heavy freeze in 1894-95, after which there was very little replanting. California fruit growers then adopted the crop, with great impetus from the Gold Rush. Miners were willing to pay high prices for their high vitamin C content.

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